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The Secret to Flawless & Velvety Feet (Finally Revealed!)

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From fresh dew drops on grass, to the tickle of grains of sand on a beach, the touch of our environment on our feet is a constant, and invisible, part of our existence. But our feet are also among the most overlooked parts of our body – ignored until they demand attention. While they are constantly, and inevitably, exposed to harsh, varied environments, a few things for simple, everyday care at home can keep them looking healthy, fresh & beautiful!

Envy-inducing feet are just a few steps away!

We have simplified the entire to-do for you in 4 simple steps, you just have to be committed towards it and you will see major results that are gonna make your friends jealous.

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4 Simple Steps to Flawless & Velvety Feet:

1: Clean and Exfoliate

Use warm, soapy water to thoroughly wash your feet, and don’t forget to clean between your toes. Using a foot exfoliant, gently scrub your feet to reduce rough patches of skin. Salt and sugar-based foot scrubs and pumice stones work well for this. Our recommendation would be to try the VRH`s Coffee Scrub. Gently massage the feet and calves, then rinse thoroughly.

2: It’s all about Moisturizing (Main Secret Sauce Reveal Step):

This Step is the major step to this process, The Secret Sauce Reveal is here!

Once your feet are dry, apply a rich foot moisturizer to your feet, using less moisturizer on the skin between your toes. If your skin tends to become dry and cracked, use a thick cream and apply socks to help lock in the moisture. It helps to do this before bedtime so that the moisturizer can sit on the skin undisturbed all night. We highly recommend using “VRH`s Foot Guard Gel“. It not only Soothes & Moisturize your Feet & heels but it also repair deep cracks, Reduce dryness and softens dead skins. The Best Part about this product is that it is Pure Ayurvedic & Instant effective on the hardest of the hardest skins, Suitable for Diabetic Skin too, (Check VRH`s Foot Guard Gel).

3: Massaging your Feet:

Massaging your feet has so many benefits. This includes relieving stress and anxiety among other things, Let’s dive deeper into what these benefits are!

Foot Massaging benefits:
Improves circulation
Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety
Can help improve the effects of migraines
Assists in lowering blood pressure
Reduces irritation from flat feet
Helps transport oxygen through the body

Next time you find your feet aching, stop and give yourself a mini massage. You never know how relieved your entire body could feel!

4: Choose Comfortable Footwear:

Last but not the least, Give your feet space to breathe by wearing comfortable footwear preferably made of mesh fabric.

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